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How To Keep Your Fresh Goods Safe During Transportation

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When it comes to ensuring your customers get their fresh goods while they are still appealing and edible, it is important that the transportation time does not take too long and is not too rough on your fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and animal products. In the past, this is the reason why so many people only sold their goods in regional areas, because it was simply too difficult and the logistics were too great to get your food out of state without it going bad. However, that is no longer the case as long as you use temperature-controlled warehousing. 

Transportation Is Not The Only Issue

While there are many refrigerated transport trucks of all shapes and sizes, that is not the only aspect of the journey your goods go on that you need to be worried about. Part of any large, logistical network is warehousing, and your goods may spend several days in a large storage facility waiting for the proper transport. If they are not kept in a temperature-controlled warehouse, then they will deteriorate much quicker and can spoil before they even get onto that temperature-controlled truck, especially during summertime. Do not roll the dice with your goods, make sure the warehouse you have as part of your supply line is fully temperature controlled.

Different Sections

The great thing about many temperature-controlled warehouses is that individual areas of the warehouse can be adjusted to different temperatures depending on what is being stored there. Your fresh goods can be kept with similar items that also need to be kept below room temperature. If you have any meats or animal products that need to be frozen during transport, then this can also be accommodated. Just make sure you arrange all this before you send your items off, as every step of the chain needs to be aware of where your fresh goods need to be at any particular time.

Adjust As Needed

After a few weeks of using this new system, you should review it and see whether or not anything can be improved with your inventory fulfillment services. This kind of internal review should be done at the start of any new business relationship to ensure that you are getting the best possible service for your items. You can do this by checking the wastage rate, how quickly items are getting to destinations, how long they are kept in warehousing, and so forth. Most of the time you will only need to tweak the service a little bit during this time and then it will be ready for the long haul. 

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