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5 High School Events to Rent a Limo for Other Than Prom

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Senior year in high school is filled with a variety of landmark occasions. For senior prom, it's common for students and friends to rent a limo. Instead of  just waiting for the big dance to rent a limo, high school students can take advantage of limousine service for other important events. Browse through the following five high school events to see what ones could be made even more special with a limo rental.

First Day of School

Arrive on the first day of school in style by relaxing in the back of a limo. Instead of riding a bus, a limo has the ability to pick you up right at your home. If you want to bring friends along for the ride, then the limo can actually pick each one up at their homes on the way to school.

It's a great way to start off the school year with a positive attitude and eventful occasion. Along with the ride, you can choose to have some breakfast in the back, including fast food meals or fresh drinks like apple juice or orange juice.

High School Dates

High school is an ideal time for students to explore relationships and experience their first feelings of love. To make these occasions even more special, you can rent a limo for the date. This is a special way to go to a restaurant, movie, or other date location.

If it's a first date, then the limo is ideal for double dates. You and your friend can take out a few people on a relaxing double date where you do not need to worry about driving, parking, or following directions. You can simply enjoy the company and have a great time.

High School College Admission Tests

When nearing the end of high school, it's important to look towards the future with college admission tests. Whether you take the SAT, ACT, or other specialized college test, it's important to relax and have a peace of mind before the test begins.

By renting a limo, you can ride around for a few hours, get some extra studying done, and truly feel at ease before the test begins. Music options in a limo allow you to relax with all types of choices including connectors to your own MP3 player.

High School Sports

Sport teams in high school are competitive and filled with important occasions like tournament and championship games. If you're a player on a team, then you can rent a limo to drive you to a game. A limo has plenty of space to hold multiple players on the tea. Larger limos can even accommodate soccer rosters and extras like the coaches.

Even if you do not use the limo to attend the actual game, you can use it for any type of celebration after winning a big game. If possible, you can request that a school flag waves proudly on the outside of the limo. This is a great way to celebrate and show team spirit.


If you started the year with a limo rental, then you can end the year with the same sweet ride. Imagine pulling up to high school for the very last time in a stretch limo. You can stand outside of the sun roof with your graduation cap and gown as you look back on the last four years.

Not only can you use the rental for the graduation, but you can hop back in when the ceremony is over. The limo can be used for the rest of the night to celebrate at dinner and parties with friends. Stay bonded with close friends as you share the limo together and look towards your future and beyond.

As you budget for a limo rental, consider how many hours the ride is needed and what type of limo you are looking for. Rates vary based on the size of limo. For more information, contact resources like