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Three Tips For Renting A Limousine For the First Time

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If you are considering renting a limousine, there are some important steps that you should follow to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience. However, a first-time customer of limousine services is unlikely to be familiar with these steps, but you can avoid making errors when renting your first limousine through following several basic tips.  

Have An Accurate Guest Count

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your limousine rental experience is enjoyable is to have an accurate count of the people that will need to ride in it. If you underestimate the number of people that will be riding, you may find that some people will be left out. This is due to the fact that limousine services must comply with strict safety regulations when it comes to passenger occupancy. However, renting a limousine that is much larger than need will be far more expensive. By requiring anyone riding in the limousine to R.S.V.P prior to the event, you can avoid this potentially disruptive and unpleasant complication.

Compare The Food And Beverage Policies Of The Service Providers

Many people will assume that every limousine service will allow or provide champagne for passengers to enjoy while they ride in the vehicle. Yet, this is far from reality as alcohol is a heavily regulated substance, and the laws governing its use can vary widely from one area to another. For example, some communities will allow limousine services to allow passengers to consume alcohol, but other communities will require limousine services to comply with the same open container laws that other drivers must follow.

In addition to these legal requirements, limousine services also have internal policies regarding snacks and drinks. For example, some services will include a selection of snacks and drinks while others will require an additional fee for this feature. By closely comparing these policies, you will be able to make sure to choose the service that provides the best value for your money.  

Consider Traffic When Choosing The Length Of Your Rental

It can be easy for individuals to try and limit the amount of time that they rent the limousine as much as possible. This is not surprising that these services charge by the hour. However, failing to consider the amount of time that traffic could add to the trip may cause the cost of the limousine to be far higher than you had originally expected. In addition to paying the additional hourly rate, there may also be a penalty fee for failing to be done with the limousine on time. By scheduling to have the limousine for a little longer than you estimate, you can help to reduce the risk of encountering this problem.

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