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Questions To Ask Your Private Jet Charter Broker

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A private jet charter, brokered through a place like Vincent Jets,  is a very exciting and romantic surprise for anyone not expecting it. When the jet charter takes the both of you to someplace really special, it is even better. How does one even get a private jet chartered? Usually a private jet charter broker is the person you want to speak to, since the broker knows several private jet owners and operators who can fly for you and are available for hire. Here are a few questions you should be asking the broker, as well as the responses you should be getting.

Can You Charter a Jumbo Jet for Clients?

Some clients want to know the size of jet they can charter. Most private jets have enough room for about a dozen passengers, give or take a few and depending on the size of the passengers. If you want a private jumbo jet, the broker can certainly look into that for you, but typically the response is that you should not expect a jumbo jet charter because most jumbo jets are not available for charter flights.

How Far Can a Private Jet Travel?

Private jet charters need to refuel every four to six hours, on average. If you want the jet to travel farther still, you should expect a landing and refueling somewhere within that two-hour window on the end. Ergo, if you want a private jet flight to Paris (typically a six- to eight-hour flight from anywhere in the U.S.), the jet may have to stop in New York or London, refuel and take off for Paris. If the private jet can and does receive fuel in flight, it may be possible to continue your excursion without landing, but this is highly unusual and extremely expensive. (It could double or triple the costs of the charter flight.)

How Much Does a Private Jet Charter Cost?

When you take into account that you are paying for the use of the jet, the jet's fuel, the wages for the pilot, co-pilot and one extra back-up pilot for longer flights, you should not be surprised that chartering a private jet is something only the wealthy can do. The cost for a one-way flight is more than most people make in a year, and a round-trip flight is definitely more than most people make in a year. However, if you are willing to share your flight with almost a dozen other people who are heading in the same direction, you can make the flight a little more affordable, albeit less private.