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Questions To Ask Before Contracting With A Flatbed Transportation Company

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Flatbed shipping offers the ability to move assorted types of freight without the constraints that are often associated with other forms of transportation. Before contracting with a flatbed transportation service, it is important that you carefully evaluate your needs and the services available. To help you do this, here are some questions to ask before hiring a service.  

What Are You Transporting? 

When it comes to flatbed transports, the type of freight you are moving has a bearing on whether or not a transportation company can meet your needs. Special precautions might be needed to secure your freight during shipping, and you want to ensure that the company you select has the capabilities to handle the transport.  

In addition to alerting the company about the type of freight, you also need to be aware of the value of the shipment. The company needs to have enough liability insurance to cover the cost of the freight. If not, you could be left covering the costs if something happens during the transport. 

To transport your freight, the flatbed transportation company might be required to acquire permits. To determine if a permit is necessary, you need to know the weight and dimensions of your freight. Without the necessary permits, you will not be able to transport your freight, or you'll need to make adjustments to what you are transporting, which could cause delays for you.  

What Type of Trailer Is Needed? 

Before you contract with the company, take the time to find out what type of trailers are available. Although standard flatbeds are available, it is possible that another type of trailer would meet your needs. You could also need a modification to the trailer to transport your freight safely.  

For instance, if you have an oversized load, the standard flatbed would not be a good choice. An extendable trailer that is aided by accessories would be a better choice.  

Getting familiar with the types of trailers available can also help you determine whether or not you should modify your shipment. For instance, you could potentially transport more and save on costs if there is a larger trailer available.  

To learn more about transporting freight, consult with a flatbed transportation service. You can not only learn further about your available options, but also schedule regular shipments for the future. By doing this, you can eliminate any worries you have about shipping and ensure you have a transport partner that can safely move your goods.