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Be Hospitable To Recently Hired Sales Staff Who Flew Into Town For A Business Convention

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If you own an advertising agency that is expanding this summer and recently hired sales staff will be flying into town to attend a business convention concerning upcoming changes and product lines, then be hospitable to your visitors throughout their stay by utilizing the following tips. As a result, the newcomers who attend the event will feel welcomed and relaxed while they learn about the modifications that are in the works.

Rent A Limousine And Hire A Chauffeur

Contact a limousine service and reserve a vehicle and chauffeur for the dates that your staff members will be in town. While making reservations, provide the reservation clerk with a brief itinerary that includes information about the flight that will be arriving and the number of people who will need to be transported to a local hotel. Include additional details, concerning transportation to and from the business convention and to various meetings that are scheduled at other times.

When your guests plane arrives, they will be greeted by the chauffeur and will not need to worry about hailing a cab or waiting for someone to pick them up. Employees can place their cargo inside of the limousine's trunk before getting into the vehicle and leaning back while stretching out their feet as they are whisked through town to their destination, experiencing the best of airport transportation

Offer A Buffet And Samples During The Convention

Order food from a catering company and request that each dish is placed on a long table inside of the room where the business convention will be held. Set up a small dining area in one corner of the room so that you and your new sales staff can get to know each other while enjoying a meal together. Once guests are given plates and utensils, they can retrieve food items that appeal to them from the table. After the meal is complete, a catering crew will dispose of leftovers and clean dinnerware.

During the convention, give your employees samples of advertising materials that will be sold at your business and request that they take the items home with them so that they can use them or show them to potential customers who they come into contact with.

Allow Plenty Of Downtime 

Once the convention is over and any details that needed to be discussed were addressed during informal business meetings, allow your guests to enjoy their surroundings in the hotel or out on the streets. Your employees can relax in the pool or sauna or treat themselves to a delicious meal that is delivered to their hotel rooms.

If some of your guests would like to explore the town, offer some insight concerning public venues that are popular. The chauffeur who you hired can drive your sales staff to various locations and will make sure that each person is transported safely back to the hotel at the end of the night.