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Have The Time Of Your Life In San Antonio, Texas

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If you waited until summer was over for visiting the Alamo City, that was probably a smart move. Although there are wonderful summer activities in San Antonio, there are also such hot days that you might have felt like you had melted. Now you are more than likely to find great weather. In fact, even though it might rain, that won't put a damper on time you spend in the heart of the grate state of Texas. From airport transportation to planning your activities, here are some ideas on how you can have the time of your life in San Antonio.


Of course, if you are driving to San Antonio, you have the luxury of having your own transportation anywhere you'll want to go. However, if you are flying into the San Antonio airport, things can still be super easy for you.

  • There are safe and reputable taxis that leave from the airport for twenty four hours a day every day of the year.
  • If you are traveling in a group, consider arranging for airport car service ahead of time.
  • Think about renting a multi-passenger van that you can pick up right on the airport grounds.
  • If this is a very special occasion, say a wedding or an anniversary, think of arranging for airport limousine service.

Do you know where you want to stay while you're in San Antonio?

  • Consider staying on the famous River Walk where you will be able to walk to historic places like the Alamo and the Mexican Market.
  • If you're a golfer, think about staying at one of the golf resorts that are outside of the downtown area.
  • Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast accommodation? There are plenty to be had in San Antonio.
  • No matter where you stay, the same taxi that you used from the airport can take you to any of your destinations.

There is so much to do in San Antonio that you might want to make your plans on paper before you even arrive.

  • Besides the famous places of interest in the downtown area, go beyond the San Antonio borders.
  • Visit places like Fredericksburg, Gruene and New Braunfels for a taste of the German culture.
  • Bandera and Cuero or Sequin will give you both history and a bit of Mexico.
  • And, if you have time to spare, think about driving to Corpus or  South Padre Island to walk the beautiful beaches.

Don't forget to take comfortable shoes for all the walking you'll be doing.