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Private Pilot License And Your Ability To Fly Solo

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If you have an interest in flying but aren't sure if you want a career as a pilot, you can start flying lessons to become a private pilot to gain a foundation in flying. You can end your lessons once you obtain a private pilot license, or you can continue your education to become a career pilot and fly commercially. When you want to fly solo, the minimum requirement is to obtain your private pilot license. This is a process that can take as little as three months, with intense study and flying time with an instructor. As the FAA, or Federal Aviation Association, requires, you must log in at least 35 total flight hours, while most get at least 50 hours.

Learning the Basics of Aviation

When you decide to take flying lessons, you will get an idea of basic aerodynamics and learn the skills you need to be able to problem solve while in the air on your own. You will learn about balancing the weight within your aircraft, flight regulations you will need to follow while in the air, and how your aircraft performs as part of your education while taking flying lessons. If you are a part-time student, you can expect that your private pilot license will be obtained in about six months.

Qualifications to Obtain a Private Pilot License

In the United States, the qualifications to obtain your private pilot license include being 16 years old in order to fly solo and be 17 years old in order to get your private pilot certificate. You have to be able to read, write, and speak in English, while also having the basic math skills necessary to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Your education will include flight school, which includes simulated flying; classroom instruction; and hours in the air. You must also pass a third-class medical exam.

Your Medical Exam for a Private Pilot License

The third-class medical exam consists of checking your vision, with or without corrective lenses; hearing; and blood pressure. It will also include a urine test. Additionally, you will go through a basic physical provided by a medical examiner approved to provide class 3 medical exams. If you pass, you are then able to apply for flight school to begin learning how to fly.

When you want to fly solo, your education can begin with private pilot license training. Learn more about flying lessons and how to apply for flight school today.