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Campers On The Water: How The Hardworking Tug Boat Became The RV Of The Boating World

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A lot of people live in houseboats, this is true. Many more people live on a fishing boat for weeks at a time, but they usually come home to dry land. Then there are those that would choose to live on the water just for vacations and weekend excursions, such as those who own something like a Ranger tug boat. Yes, tug boats have come a long way from the work-only boats that typically pull ocean freighters from city docks to the oceans. Now you can buy a tug boat as a recreational and vacation boat. Here is how the workhorse tug boat became the RV of the boating world. 

All the Right Equipment and Features Are Already There

If you look inside a tug that is still working as a tug, you will see that the captain's area is enclosed in a large cabin. This cabin has a lot of open space, with the controls near the front of the boat and just open space behind it. With the open space, some companies decided to fill that space with home amenities. The tug went from just a workboat to a vacation boat with the addition of a stove, cabinets, a refrigerator, a built-in table, and bench seats. Walking through a vacation tug boat is almost exactly like walking through an RV. Better still, the enclosed cabin of most tugs makes it the ideal place to retreat from rainstorms while on the open water. You can remain dry while you enjoy the refined features of a vacation tug boat. 

Fresh Catch Grocery Store Right Underneath You and Easy Access to Water Activities

Most people using an RV on land to camp out usually camp near water so that they can boat and fish. You are already boating in a vacation tug boat, and you can fish right from the deck. The water becomes your "fresh catch of the day grocery store," and whatever you do not eat you can store in the on-board refrigerator for later. Any other water activities you and your family would do while camping on land you can do without leaving your "camper" behind or trailing your boat behind the camper. The powerful speed engine in a tug can just as easily take jet skiers or parasailing participants for a ride, and you do not need tags or permission to "park" your water RV on a lake or ocean spot.