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A Few Ways Helicopters May Be The Newest Mode Of Public Transportation

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When you live in a heavily populated urban area, it can be hard to get across town, especially during rush hour. This can make getting to work on time very difficult unless you leave extra early. Finding a parking space can also add time to your commute. Many people in big cities rely on public transportation and/or some type of taxi service to get them where they need to be. Unfortunately, rush-hour traffic does not give way to a taxi or even a bus. If you are stuck, you just have to wait it out. However, depending on your destination or the company you work for, there may be an alternative that will get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently. In the future, this alternative may become more readily available for the general public. The alternative is helicopters. Here are just a few ways helicopters are currently used for transportation and a look at the future.

Airport Shuttle

Trying to get to the airport to catch a flight during rush hour can be daunting at best. With the stricter security process at all airports, you can no longer rush through the doors and to your gate as the flight is taking off. This means that you must leave your home or office with enough time to work through any traffic issues and get to the airport an hour or more before the flight leaves. However, some cities and airports are now offering helicopter shuttles. There will be multiple locations around the city where you can get this shuttle, but you have to be sure to reserve it in advance. The ride will be much quicker than any car could get you there, and you won't have to worry about a traffic jam.

Business to Business

Some larger corporations are using helicopters to get across town or to the next town for business meetings. As long as both the originating business building and the destination business building have room for a helicopter to take off and land, you can save travel time and get where you need to be in minutes. This gives you the opportunity to schedule meetings much closer together so you can maintain the management and expansion of your company.

Medical Transport

Helicopters have been transporting critical patients from accident scenes and between hospitals for many years already. Their use has saved many lives over the years. These units are equipped the way an ambulance is equipped, and a medical team is on board to care for the patient in flight. These vehicles are also used to get special doctors from one hospital to another quickly, carry donated organs for transplants, and get medicines and supplies where they need to be in an emergency.

Flying Taxis

Flying cars have been something people keep looking for and manufacturers keep researching and trying to develop. However, there are still problems and many considerations that need to be resolved and factored in. If and when they are developed, people will need to learn how to drive them, and there will be a lot of new traffic laws created. However, using helicopters as taxis may not be that far off. While there may be some adjustments to the interior design of these vehicles, the mechanics have already been figured out. Sure, the drivers will need to be licensed helicopter pilots, but there are some around already just waiting to go to work. 


There are a number of different tourist attractions that offer a helicopter ride to get a view of everything. This could be a tour over the Grand Canyon or the Las Vegas Strip. It can make an exciting excursion.

While you may have never had a reason or opportunity to ride in a helicopter before, you may end up doing so in the not-too-distant future.