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What To Consider When Using Airport Shuttle Services

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Airport shuttle services are a convenient option when traveling to the airport from your hotel, to a rental car agency, or from your terminal. However, there are some things you should consider to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. By being prepared, you'll ensure that your experience on the airport shuttle is positive and without issues. 

Here are some of the things you should consider when using an airport shuttle service.


One important thing to consider when you decide to use an airport shuttle service is the price. Consider how many people are in your group, whether there are any discounts for children and seniors, whether you're expected to tip, etc. That way you can be prepared and not be caught off guard.

Payment Options

Each shuttle service will have certain payment options they accept, and it's something you should look into ahead of time. You might find out that your shuttle ticket needs to be purchased ahead of time, they only accept cards or cash, etc. It would be unfortunate if you never find out about the payment options and end up not having the right payment type they require.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Schedule

You need to find out exactly where the airport shuttle will pick you up so you can arrive there on time. It's usually best to be there a little early to make sure you don't miss your shuttle. It's also important to know when you'll be dropped off so you can choose the right trip and make it to your flight on time. 

Trip Duration

Some people are caught off guard by how long their airport shuttle ride is because they didn't check ahead of time. You might expect to only be on the shuttle for a few minutes, but due to other stops, it takes longer than expected. If you know how long your trip will be, you can prepare by bringing a book or something else to keep you entertained.

Luggage Storage

Most people need a place to store their luggage when using an airport shuttle service, so it's worth finding out the details about that. Are there limits on the number or size of bags you can bring?


Some airport shuttles will have rules that may come as a surprise to some riders. For example, you might not be able to eat on the shuttle, which can be a problem if you don't know about that rule and expect to eat your breakfast on your way to the terminal. By finding out the rules ahead of time, you can avoid being caught off guard by them.

For more information on shuttle services, contact a company near you.